Midnight in Morgan City, with three half out of their mind kids...lol

Adrian, myself and his best friend Steven and his little sister Harley...went to The Half Blood Prince midnight showing last night...and we had a great time....at first it looked like we were the only ones who dressed for the part....but they have about 3 more teenage guys and one girl who dressed in uniforms...if you call them that....I'm sure Professor Umbridge would have something to say about that...lol...Collapse )

3D Imax meet!

I was curious if anyone was interested in meeting up on July 29th for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince 3D IMAX. They have an 4:45 showing, and an 8:00 showing.
Date : July 29th
Time : ??
Arrive : 1 hour before to get good seats.
Meeting place : ???

Dinner : ???
Dinner before or after?
Where should we have dinner?

People coming :

Movie discussion

Not everyone has seen HBP yet - so under a cut!


As always - this is one person's opinion in bullet points. Not rife with profundity or deep insight, that would require more time and another viewing. =D
Collapse )

A very rough list... Agree? Disagree??
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Drive By Update on Potter Fandom for Sun June 28th

Saturday July 18th Half Blood Prince (NOLA metro area)
AMC Clearview Palace 12

12:15pm, 3:45pm, 7:15pm, 10:45pm

AMC Elmwood Palace 20
10:00am, 1:15pm, 4:30pm, 7:45pm, 11:00pm

AMC Westbank Palace 16
10:00am, 1:15pm, 4:45pm, 8:15pm, 11:45pm

Prytania - no schedule posted yet.

Side note: For those who are interested - Metairie has a live Pottercast / Wrock show today at 2pm. Details here
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OK This is it!

LJ has eaten this a few times - so if this sounds like I'm crazy... it is because I am.

Half-Blood Prince tickets are on sale now. www.movietickets.com for the Jul 14th/15th midnight show.  IMAX will not be an option because WB is FUBAR'D.

zerone45 already has her krewe organizing for Clearview 12 with a dinner/cocktails at Serrano's Salsa Co.

Clearview being in the mall should give us a/c for the long line of waiting (because you know there is going to be a line to Egypt) - Elmwood... not so much.

Time TBA - offer your suggestions below. :D

Saturday Squee - Jul 18th. Time: TBA (make suggestions below)
                                                 Theatre: Make suggestions.
                                                 Meetup: Make suggestions.

(See a pattern? :D)

Ya'll know what to do!

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I know this is an OT Post...but I had to let you all know who are close to Baton Rouge....

They are looking for extras for True Blood...the week of July 6-July 10....you have to be available for 12 hours a day and they will use your car and you in the extra role.....to sign up and find out more information....who knows we may actually see some of you on True Blood this year....:-)

True Blood Season 2 Casting News: Extras Needed
June 16, 2009 by AdoreBill

Alan Ball’s HBO TV series True Blood needs extras during their shoot in Louisiana during the month of July. Bam Casting LA, Louisiana’s leading casting company has placed a casting call for extras and here is the casting notice.

Welcome to Louisiana’s Leading Casting Company!

Currently Casting
Bam Casting is now casting EXTRAS for the HBO Television Series
Starring: 2009’s Golden Globe Award Winning Actress





You will be paid and you have to be available for up to 12 hours each day you work. Filming July 6 – 10, 2009 in BATON ROUGE.

1. Click below to download our talent registration form or click on forms tab above.

2. Fill out the form and email to: truebloodextras@yahoo.com Include a picture of yourself and your car.

3. If you have never worked as an extra/background, please click on the “ALL ABOUT BACKGROUND” tab above, to familiarize yourself with terminology and set etiquette.

click here for talent registration form

SOURCE: bamcastingla.com

HBP Post

Hello darlings,

I just looked at my little calendar and... OMG! HBP is finally getting closer! Just about a month away! YAYS!

The lovely Jeny (whose lj name I've forgotten as I'm typing this away from my computer) has already tried to find out when tickets might be going on sale, the smug ticket boy(tm) was apparently surprised that someone would want tickets this far in advance. Muggles, can't live with them - can't turn them into ferrets. Le sigh.

So...We have two independent plans.

Plan #1

Midnight release party at AMC Elmwood 20
I'm presuming they will be having the IMAX 3D version at midnight; but right now - who knows. Muggles and logic, oy.
Of course, we will always have the regular version - but we can jump off that cliff when we get there? Right? Of course, right.

Plan #2

Saturday SqueeFest Part Deux
Again - depending on the IMAX schedules. Since this is on a Saturday, please lets not go at the buttcrack o' dawn - sleep is our friend? Yes? For OofP, we did nosh beforehand and a 7pm show. Does that still sound like a good idea? Any other suggestions?

Meet-up Locations

I have a very very small list of the places in the immediate vicinity of the theatre. There are also a metric ton of fast food joints and several other places I'd just flat not remembered; so if any other ideas come up - let me know and I can edit the list. :D

Money Legend Breakdown:

(Note: does not include adult beverages or taxes)

$ 10 bucks should cover you
$$ 10-15 range depending on how you order
$$$ 20 should do it (more or less)

(Louisiana) Copeland's of New Orleans 1001 S Clearview Pkwy Harahan $$$
  New Orleans Hamburger-Seafood 1005 S Clearview Pkwy Harahan $$
(Sushi) Sake Cafe of Elmwood 1130 S Clearview Pkwy Harahan $$$
(Generic) Applebee's 1220 S Clearview Pkwy Harahan $
(Louisiana/US) Zea Cafe 1655 Hickory Ave Harahan $$$
(D'uh) Wow Wingery 5359 Mounes St # H Harahan $
(Sushi/Japan) Kyoto Two 5608 Citrus Blvd # A-B Harahan $$$
(D'uh) Reginelli's Pizzeria 5608 Citrus Blvd # C Harahan $$
(Greasy Spoon) Fat Hen Grill 5708 Citrus Blvd Harahan $

This is the part where I say "speak now or forever hold your peace".

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Hey, Hi, Hello

I know alot of you have seen this already but can you believe it is going to be next month alreayd....I can't...my son is dressing as Order of the Phoenix Harry with a gray Hoodie,red t-shirt, jeans and chucks...any one else dressing....this is really exciting about the movie,...it really looks absolutely awesome.

Dusting off a plot... maybe...

I know this is rather early - but anytime you try to get a group of people together for something, it takes a bit of time.

As everyone knows, Half Blood Prince is coming out on July 17th. The Covington theater no longer has an IMAX screen but AMC Palace 20 does.

Would anyone be interested in attending:

A midnight group viewing on opening night (dinner opt possible too)
A Saturday get-together (w/ dinner opt possible too)
Something else I will post in comments
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