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The rattiest of all Rats [userpic]
OK This is it!
by The rattiest of all Rats (elseinane)
at June 27th, 2009 (03:57 pm)

current mood: thirsty

LJ has eaten this a few times - so if this sounds like I'm crazy... it is because I am.

Half-Blood Prince tickets are on sale now. www.movietickets.com for the Jul 14th/15th midnight show.  IMAX will not be an option because WB is FUBAR'D.

zerone45 already has her krewe organizing for Clearview 12 with a dinner/cocktails at Serrano's Salsa Co.

Clearview being in the mall should give us a/c for the long line of waiting (because you know there is going to be a line to Egypt) - Elmwood... not so much.

Time TBA - offer your suggestions below. :D

Saturday Squee - Jul 18th. Time: TBA (make suggestions below)
                                                 Theatre: Make suggestions.
                                                 Meetup: Make suggestions.

(See a pattern? :D)

Ya'll know what to do!


Posted by: souzou (shanna_souzou)
Posted at: June 28th, 2009 04:28 am (UTC)
draco and harry

Can't go to the midnight show but I'd be down for something on Saturday. I'm okay with any time as long as I know in the next week or alittle later so that I can request off at my jobs. I live across the lake (northshore) but Elmwood or Clearview would be fine.

Or would anyone be interested in the Prytania? Great small local theater in the Uptown area. They have a balcony and everything so we could squeal and chat without bothering anyone.

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