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The rattiest of all Rats [userpic]
Movie discussion
by The rattiest of all Rats (elseinane)
at July 15th, 2009 (04:30 pm)

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Not everyone has seen HBP yet - so under a cut!


As always - this is one person's opinion in bullet points. Not rife with profundity or deep insight, that would require more time and another viewing. =D

The Great
Young and Not-As-Young Tom Riddle - just dead on
Lavender Brown - perfectly cringe-worthy
The Cave - W00T if a bit restrained
Draco - OMG YES - Tom Felton hits one out of the park!
Weasely's Wizard Wheezes! Just... wonderful!
Slughorn - inspired by Broadbent; I like Horace more now. The addition of the "fish" story.... deeply powerful. Kudos.
Slug Club dessert scene - Lothario!Cormac just... awesome
Sectumsempra Scene - well done, if the gravity was trampled on
Drunk!Hermione - squee worthy. So glad Emma's acting chops have developed over eyebrow acting!!!!
Luna - Evanna is Luna. Enough said.

The Not-So-Great
Harry/Ginny - was just... odd
The whole attack on Hogwarts? ummm.... where did it go?

The WTF?
Why did Narcissa have Cruella de Vil's hair?
Um.... don't we sort of need to know about Slytherin's locket, the diadem, et al? Isn't that sort of... A MAJOR PLOT POINT?
Hello? Dobby? Where is my Dobby?

A very rough list... Agree? Disagree??


Posted by: αshɭείςh (photograficnerd)
Posted at: July 15th, 2009 10:48 pm (UTC)
HP - Malfoy

ROFL. I was wondering the same thing about the attack on Hogwarts! I was like THE BIG STUFF IS MISSING WHERE IS IT. OTL.

Also, Draco was absolutely amazing in this movie. Though I was hoping that the scene with him and Harry going at it in the toilets would have been...longer so that was slightly disappointing but I still loved it.

The kid that played Tom Riddle was horribly creepy but oh so awesome.

Harry/Ginny makes me want to vomit tbh.

I found the movie slow and especially with them taking out the attack on Hogwarts, which I was expecting, it made it moreso. But that's just my opinion.

It was good, but definitely not one of my favourite films even though I think HBP was one of my favourite books.

Posted by: gryffwitch37 (gryffwitch37)
Posted at: July 16th, 2009 02:47 am (UTC)

I was kinda upset about not seeing the two house elves fighting, I really would have loved to see that part....Dobby and Kreacher the fight of the millenium.....

I was wondering why the made Bellatrix and Greyback and the other DE burn the Burrow? I got confused there.

I liked that they included just about all the memories....except the one with Merope....which I would have liked to see....and Marvelo....and Tom Sr......

I absolutely loved the scene that they kept with the Horcrux on the island...with the Inferi....that was the part when I started to cry.......cause I knew what was coming up......I wanted to see the struggle of the DA and the auror's with the DE's too....and not let them in so easily in Hogwarts.....what was up with that.....and I wanted to see Hagrid fighting with his pink umbrella.....and having to go in and almost cuss them out because Fang was in his house....when they set it on fire....

My personal opinion, I loved it but I think it should have ended with Dumbledore's Tomb....and the funeral....not with Harry, Hermione, and Ron on the Astronomy Tower....like it did.....it could have ended alot better......David Yates could have done a little better like that....

Lavendar was portrayed a little overly dramatic.....kids act like that yes....but she looked absolutely heartbroken when she wasn't with Ron, and wanted to KILL Hermione every time she looked at her....the shaking was done too much especially on the train......if a girl would have done that here, she would have when in the carriage....and done it from the inside....not from the outside and leave the corridor.....please....TOO MUCH HEARTACHE there.....lol.....

Other than the certain scenes.....I loved that Harry and Ginny together.....I didn't like that Ginny went with him in the Room of Requirement......Harry went in alone if you remember correctly from the book....and he knows where the book is....I wish they would have made more time for the two....like in the Common Room....etc... and for Hermione and Ron as well....

Well, that is my opinion of the movie....it's definitely a thumbs up....but alot was left out that was kinda important to the plot....like the house elves......I wonder if Dobby and Kreacher are going to be in the Deathly Hallows....Dobby gets killed doesn't he....so he had better be in that one...

Ohh...and why were the students serving cocktails and drinks at Sluggy's Party? And wasn't Neville actually invited? Geez.....I have to realize that this is like FANFICTION....and not the book...to where the book is always better than the movie...."Stop getting so angry Michelle"...hehe...

I know what you mean for the scenes that were a let down....they should have made this one and the last book a two parter...cause they left out a lot that is needed in there for the last part.....where is Bill and Fleur?....you know....ok...my two cents...

Posted by: Kimberly (kimberly_elf)
Posted at: July 17th, 2009 04:57 am (UTC)

Ron was great, too! Don't forget Ron (even though Kloves would really like it if you did).

OMG THE CAVE. I screamed, I gasped, I cried a wee bit.

I think the whole Death-Eaters-running-from-Hogwarts-while-Harry-chases-them is a major WTF. Like, did it really take a team of DEs to infiltrate Hogwarts when Draco and Snape apparently had it all under control? Really?? I mean, if they weren't going to make it a proper fight, then they shouldn't have even tried. Bella and Greyback burning Hagrid's hut just looked random and Harry looked like a crybaby (not the freaking angry-ass MoFo he was in the book). And Snape? Um..."I'm not a coward" anyone? Gah.

H/G--completely unbelievable and unrealistic. I'm not buying it. The kiss in the book was perfection. They totally could have scripted it properly, but NOOOOO they had to go and eff it up with the awkward ROR kiss. Blech.

Posted by: The rattiest of all Rats (elseinane)
Posted at: July 17th, 2009 11:51 am (UTC)

I LURVE MY WON WON! Kloves is a tool really - just wants to get in Hermione's pants.

With all the parts that got left out - you'd think I'd be all meh over the film.. but this one actually made me want to re-re-re-re-read HBP...which NONE of the other films EVER came close to doing.


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